Ukulhas is an oval shaped coral island, locating close to the northern boundary of the North part of Ari Atoll of the Maldives. The island length is 1025m, width is 225m, island stands at the Longitude of 70° 52′ 00 E and 04° 12′ 00 N and the area is 17.40 Hec. The distance between Male’ and Ukulhas is 72 km.

The life of the island society is casual, peaceful and spiritual. Population is more than 900 people; major occupations of the island are fishing and tourism. Almost all are Sunni Muslims; local language is Dhivehi, however most people know English language. The people of the island are family oriented. They are unified by a strong tie between each other, especially when they are hurry to fill up a commitment. The people are so friendly, kindred, intelligent, respectful, as well as devout.

Ukulhas had a tremendous natural setup with collection of small to large trees. Coconut palm tree could be seen almost everywhere in the Island. To discover and experience  different plants, shells, cultural life, sea life etc. you could take a stroll around the island.