Bodu magu is known as the best shopping place in Ukulhas where most number of local shops are located. It is also the main road in Ukulhas which lies in the middle of the Island projecting horizontally from east to west, both ends of the road faces to the lagoons at theInside of one of the shops in the main road of Ukulhas Island two ends of the Island. From the local shops in Ukulhas you could get variety of items ranging from food and beverages to cosmetics and building materials. Variety of garments, perfumes, canned fish are also available from those shops. You could also reload your cell phone and get phone cards to reload your mobile SIM cards under Wataniya and Dhiraagu networks from those shops. Distinctive kinds of local fruits, vegetables, jams, sweetmeat, homemade sweets and pickles etc. are also available from those local shops. Eating out is not a problem in Ukulhas.


Swimming at the beach

As pristine and turquoise lagoon and reef is encircled by Ukulhas it is to be an excellent place to enjoy with white sandy beaches. The island provides beach towels, chairs, benches etc. on the beach by request. Looking at the crystal clear water it’s hard to be off from the water anything less than 2–3 hours both morning and afternoon. To protect sun burn or tanning it’s advisable to carry lot of sunscreen lotion. When you’re not in swim, relax in the beach especially shadow of a tree bushes.

Stroll in the island

It’s easy to cover up the tiny island to know everything about the Island as its small enough (71.91 km long) in its land area. Ukulhas had a tremendous natural setup with collection of small to large trees. Coconut palm tree could be seen almost everywhere in the Island. To discover and experience different plants, shells, cultural life, sea life etc. you could take a stroll around the island. It is to be happy time to spend one late afternoon in walking the entire Island few times. There may be sometimes paved walkways especially rainy season where you have to be careful when you stand on them as they tend to be very slippery.

Fishing in Ukulhas

Fishing has been an inherited, cultural activity practiced by the islanders as their major source of income since long time ago. Ukulhas is famous for ‘yellow fin tuna’ fishing while several fishermen are fond of being busy with their ‘reef fishing’ and ‘Marling fishing’.

Surface trolling

Surface trolling and surface lining is an amazing method to catch small fishes, such as mackerels, especially for visitors who afraid to go by fishing boat away from the island. As Ukulhas is abundant of several fishes and living creatures it’s possible to fish from everywhere around the island. Ukulhas lagoon and reef is well clean and rich with reef fishes, it’s even a wonderful opportunity to catch the fishes enjoying with sandy beaches while stepping and playing with white turquoise shallow lagoon walking around the island.

Night Fishing

Residents of Ukulhas and visitors enjoy the fun time of night fishing under the twinkling stars. For the night fishing ‘Dhoni’ leaves from the island and anchors at a neighboring reef before the sunsets and darkness falls on. When the dhoni (traditional fishing vessel with a mechanized engine) anchors, the fishing lines are set tethered with hooks and sinkers, which drop overboard from both sides of the vessel, it’s time for you to catch emperors, snappers, squirrelfish, jacks etc. It’s a tremendous, fantastic time if the fishing is good enough. If the fishing goes weak it’s an even happier to relax under the twinkling stars, on the deck of your isolated fishing vessel to listen the soft sound of waves which gently rocks against the vessel.

Big Game Fishing

This is an amazing experience to catch a big fish. For the big game fishing, the Dhoni (traditional fishing vessel with mechanized engine) leaves to the bait fish ground early in the morning for the collection of live baits such as small scads, silver side, mackerels and sardine etc. After the search of bait fishes they gear on their journey towards the shoal ground, the place supposed to be some 40 or 50 miles away from their local island. Those catches are kept in the hull of the vessel and sea waters are pumped in and out of the hull for the circulation. When they expose to the open sea they will search yellow fin tuna schools and speed up the vessel. When those tunas are sighted, the speed is reduced and crews begin to throw handful of bait fishes (the baits are thrown to let fishes coming to the surface), along with that crews start to place their hooked line into the shoal and starts to catch the tunas. As soon the tuna is caught fishermen start to pull the line to make it close to the vessel, which is hooked and hauled to place on to the deck of the dhoani and unhooked the line for a second round. Fishermen try to catch the fishes until the shoal stops or move another area.

Sun set Cruise

Sun set cruise is a traditional Maldivian boat (Dhoni in Dhivehi language) made by a sturdy wooden structure with modern engineering. Almost all the interior and exterior décor and furnishing in the vessel is built up by handy crafting. This traditional small boat offers you a luxury choice to enjoy the scenery as boat cruises by encircling the Island basking under tropical sun with a served coconut drinks on the boat deck while the sun goes down. It’s really a romantic activity pursuable while holidaying in the Ukulhas Island. It’s very much advisable to book the Sunset cruise in advance. It’s even a huge opportunity to take the pictures of sun going down. Occasionally it’s possible to catch glimpses of schools of dolphins as boat cruises its way encircling the Island.


Snorkeling is one of the best things to enjoy underwater life at Ukulhas. Ukulhas is encircled by a turquoise, crystal clear lagoon and a reef where variety of living marine creatures and fishes are existed. To enjoy with the underwater beauty at this tiny island you need only a Mask with a Fins. Snorkel gears (Snorkel items are provided on request by the island) When you snorkel on the reef or on the sloped reef area you could see numbers of those living creatures with uncounted numbers of fishes. Specially groupers, octopus, turtles, shells, moray eels, Manta ray, Stingray, Eagle ray, anemones, jellyfish, lobsters, prawns, shrimps, squid, giant clam, starfish, brittle stars, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, Surgeon fish, Butterfly fish, Bull eye, parrot fish, anemones fish, red tail butterfly fish, Aetobatus – Narinari etc. etc.

Ukulhas Grilled BBQ

When you visit the Ukulhas Island it would be a great pleasure and a new experience to try with your hand at new Maldivian delicious taste BBQ Grilled Fish on the white crystal clear sandy beaches encircled by the shallow lagoon with calm wave breaking sounds. It must also be one of the most interesting parts of your vacation which tends not to be completed unless you try grilling the local Ukulhas Fish on your BBQ under the twinkling stars.