Political Changes of Ukulhas Island

The island had a series of political changes throughout the last couple of decades. Before the existence and the ratification of present constitution, the island had been entirely centralized by the central government.

The island had a chief (Head of the Island) who had to be appointed by the Atoll chief (Head of Atoll). The atoll chief was a person who had to be appointed by the Minister of Atolls and Administration. Because of an autocratic rule which had been kept over the people by the government, the island chief had no power to make his own decision for his concern matters; he had to send messages to the Atoll office where Atoll Chief had to get prior permission by Minister of Atolls and Administration before sending back the reply to the island office. So the minister had the fully power to control over the island and its people. Because of the appointees to the chief posts of the island and atoll, chiefs or heads were fully control by the Minister. As a result of those appointees, island people had no power to elect the people by themselves.

Eventually disputes started to arise between chiefs and the people of the island. Island people did not have the right to decide what they want; beside of it they had to accept whatever the orders given by the island chief, either good or bad. After the ratification of the present constitution dated on 7th August 2008, within the democratic movement in the government everything had revolved. The centralized system of the government had changed into a decentralization system.

Moosa Naeem (First councillor of North Ari Atholhu Atoll )

Moosa Naeem (First councillor of North Ari Atholhu Atoll )

Local governments were formed in the name of local councils. Councilors were elected by the people of the island. Councilors got the authority to make decision in the name of island people. Councilors got the fully authority to decide what to do for their island and the people. They got the authority to utilize the resources within their jurisdiction outlined by the decentralization Act. Councilors too got the authority to pass local regulations well accordance with the constitution, ratified other laws and regulations.

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