More than 100 children take part in Voshufila Pre-School sports meet

More than 100 students participated in the sports event held at the Harbor side in Ukulhas organized by Voshufila pre-school.

Voshufila pre-school Leading Teacher Mrs Basheera Ahmed revealed that today’s sports meet event held at the  harbor side in ukulhas lasted from 4pm to 6pm and the event com

children showing their sports skills on Sports Meet

children showing their sports skills on Sports Meet

pleted successfully.

Basheera Ahmed also revealed, ‘students from each class participated in two games and medals were awarded to the winners from each game’.

Basheera Ahmed further revealed that’ it was a fantastic opportunity for the pre-school children to show their sports skills in an enjoyable environment’.

The event was chaired by the leading teacher of Ukulhas School Mr. Abdulla Hameed Imad.

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