Hundreds of Children took part in Children’s day

Chlderen's day

Chlderen’s day

Hundreds of children participated in the Children’s day events held at the old Harbor in Ukulhas organized by Ukulhas School.

Children’s day events, Held in Friday, lasted from 4pm to 6pm, completed smoothly and successfully.

Ukulhas School Principal Mr. Abdulla Ziyad told different eight decorated stalls were prepared by Ukulhas School, one stall was prepared by Ukulhas council and different games were conducted at the stalls for the pleasure of the children.

Further Mr. Abdulla Ziyad said, ‘the aim of the children’s day was to show that there shall be a responsibility to everyone upon their children, make our children to fit by mentally and physically and ensure to give love and care.’

A Fund raising program for Alaa also conducted at the Children’s day as one of the children’s day event by Ukulhas Council. More than MVR 30000 were donated for the fund within two hrs.

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