Extreme beach erosion in Ukulhas

Destructive beach erosion has been faced by the North west side of the Ukulhas Island and critical wave break into the beach causing a harmful loss to the Island.

Most of the eroded area is known to be the place where Ukulhas School exists. Ukulhas School has been facing a huge trouble because of erosion.

As a result of swash and backwash of the waves, most of the beach area has been disappeared.

Due to nonstop erosion, the whole North West area of the island (the place where Island school and Waste Management Center is located) supposed to be disappeared soon.

The area which has been eroded needs a soon recovery. The place is also soon required to build a sea wall to protect the area.

Ukulhas erosion

Ukulhas eroded region

Ukulhas council has already brought this threaten problem to the concern authorities including Ministry of Environment, EPA (Environment Protection Agency) etc.

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